Simple Tips To Protect Your Eyes In Summer

Summer takes a heavy toll on the body, dehydration, sun tan and a lot more. Apart from all that, the season affects the eyes and we somehow do not give much-needed importance to this problem. Eyes are a very sensitive part of the body and also very essential. Eye allergies, dry eyes, conjunctivitis etc are very common in this season. Sometimes due to excessive heat in the body, the eyes get affected and lead to tired red eyes. There are few simple ways to protect the eyes from the sun and in general.

Eye Protection

eyes protectionDue to the harmful rays of the sun and the heat produced by it, the eyes tend to become dry and tired. Wearing sunglasses with proper UV rays protection will protect the eyes in this season. Quality of the glasses should be a priority.

Goggles During Swimming

googles swimmingAs swimming is very common during summers, it is important to wear goggles if you want to protect the eyes. The germs and other contaminants will affect the eyes and cause infections.

Stay Hydrated

HyderatedDrinking adequate amount of water during summer is important for the body including the eyes. Dehydration will lead t dry and red eyes.

Keep the Eyes Lubricated

LubricatedDryness and irritation in the eyes due to the heat can be very annoying. To avoid it, using eye drops will be very helpful. It will lubricate the eyes and also eliminate dust and germs.

Eye Hygiene

Eyes HygenicDue to constant sweating and irritation during summer, we tend to rub our eyes frequently with bare hands. It will lead to infections and allergies. Washing your hands before touching your eyes is something not to forget.


cucumberThis is a very common tip to keep your eyes cool in the summer. Place thin slices of cucumber on the eyes for about fifteen to twenty minutes and it will eliminate tiredness and make you feel fresh.

Look at the Color Green

TreesToo much stress on the eyes will lead to a lot of vision defects and tiredness. Once in awhile looking at the trees or bushes will calm the eyes.

Eat more of vitamin A

Vitamin AFoods such as carrots, spinach, sweet potatoes and more, contain vitamin A which help In providing better eyesight. It will reduce strain on the eyes and help you see clearly.

Wash your Eyes

Wash eyesWashing your eyes frequently with cold water will keep them cool and prevent puffy eyes. It will also get rid of germs and bacteria which may cause allergies.

Sufficient Sleep

SleepSleeping for at least six to eight hours is very essential for the body, especially the eyes. It will help in waking up with fresh eyes and a fresh mind.

Protect Against Chemicals

ChemicalsThe eyes are prone to get contaminated, which is why they need additional care. When using soap and applying creams, Moisturizers or even sunscreen, it is important to not let them in the eyes. Eye makeup should also be carefully used as they tend to have chemicals. Ingredients and quality have to be checked prior usage.

Tea Bags

Tea bagsTea bags are diuretic and help in reducing puffiness of eyes. Chill tea bags in the refrigerator and place them on the eyes for few minutes, they will make you feel fresh and calm.

Rest the Eyes

Rest eyesAvoid too much usage of gadgets like mobile phones, laptops etc that need a lot of eye work. If you are having a long day at work, taking breaks in between will reduce tiredness of the eye. Do not use flashy lights around you and also the screen brightness of gadgets should be set accordingly.

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