8 Best Foods to Improve Breast Milk Supply

Many breastfeeding women face issues with their breast milk supply at some point or the other. Don’t worry, mommies. You are not alone! It is pretty normal and happens to many women and the remedies are simple as well.

How do you know that you have enough supply of breast milk?

  • When your baby has a normal weight gain and passes enough urine (above 7 times a day).
  • Your baby appears content after feeding.
  • Your baby swallows well and you do not experience any pain.

When in doubt, our grandma’s tips are more than helpful. Many traditions and food recipes handed down across generations for new mothers and pregnant women have proven to be extremely useful. Here are some tried and tested foods that are guaranteed to increase your breast milk supply and make your baby healthy.

8 must-have foods to improve breast milk

1.Black gram

Black gram is a food known to increase the supply of breast milk. Basically, you can add black gram to your regular diet when you make your dosa batter or you can even add a little to your kichdi.

Method of Use:

Black gram powder mixed with milk can be consumed like porridge.


  • Should be consumed in mornings
  • You can even sprout the black gram and consume it for more nutrition

2. Minced Lamb

Lean meats like minced lamb are great for nursing mothers; they provide proteins, Vitamin B12 and also iron. Hence adding a small bowl of minced lamb to your diet will do wonders for your baby.

Method of Use:

You can eat it in the form of cutlets, meatballs or any way which does not demand usage of excess oil.

3. Sesame seeds

Sesame seeds are considered lactogenic food and they tremendously help in milk supply increase. They are high in calcium as well.

Method of Use:

You can consume a mixture of one spoon of dry roasted sesame seeds with half a spoon of jaggery (unrefined whole cane sugar). It boosts iron as well as breast milk supply.


  • Organic sesame seeds work best
  • Try other variations like smoothies of sesame seeds with almond milk for different tastes.

4. Garlic

Garlic has been used by nursing mothers since early times. In fact, in traditional Indian households, garlic is added to every single dish consumed by a new mother to boost milk supply.

Method of Use:

Consuming a glass of garlic milk daily boosts lactation as well as provides the necessary calcium for new mothers. Add garlic to curries and gravies you make and also delicious garlic rice is another healthy option you can try.


  • For the ladies who absolutely hate garlic, pills of garlic are available which leave no aftertaste

5. Jeera

Cumin or Jeera contains iron, an essential for new mothers. They are good for digestion, gastric troubles and one of the super foods for breastfeeding.

Method of Use:

  • Add to curries, dals etc.
  • Add a spoonful of Jeera powder to warm milk and consume daily.

6. Fenugreek/Methi Seeds

Not only is fenugreek good for milk supply, it also contains minerals, vitamins, iron, and calcium – a boon for any new mom!

Method of Use:

The best way would be to soak a teaspoon of Methi seeds in water overnight and drink the water early in the morning. You can also add Methi seeds to your curries and rice dishes.


  • You could try Methi tea which helps improve digestion as well.

7. Anjeer/Dried Figs

Anjeer is yummy and this food is actually a treat! They also contain a good amount of calcium.

Method of use:

Anjeer is tasty by itself; you can also consume it as sweets/smoothies.


  • Consume a small cup of mixed nuts like Anjeer, almonds, pistachios etc which will boost your milk supply and health.

8. Gourd vegetables

Traditional gourd vegetables are frowned upon by many. AT first glance, they may not be as tasty as carrot, potatoes etc. But cooked the right way, you can really enjoy and gorge on these vegetables
Gourd vegetables include:

  • Bottle gourd(lauki)
  • Sponge gourd(tori)
  • Bitter gourd
  • Apple gourd(tinda)

Method of Use:

Make nutritious curries with less spice for your rotis and rice.


  • Consume bottle gourd to reduce weight while breastfeeding.

Do let us know if you benefitted from these useful tips!

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