Overeating Shortens Your Lifespan

Yes, What you heard is TRUE! Let’s read in depth to know how this happens.
Our body produces about 3000 varieties of enzymes to sustain our life process. Out of these, the enzymes known as cytosolic catalase are identified as the main source that extends our lifespan.

How Can This Enzyme effect our Life Span?

This enzyme act as a kind of surveillance system by removing harmful peroxides from within the nerve cells of our body and also prevents the Oxidative damage, which is the main source of a human aging process.

Elevated levels of this cytosolic catalase enzyme result in the long lifespan and healthy life. Our eating habits determine the levels of this key enzyme.

Frustrated people often punish themselves unconsciously by overeating, which in turn leads to early death.

Tip: When we eat less and have a controlled diet every day, then our body produces a higher quantity of this key enzyme which leads to longer and healthy life.

Be Aware of These Eating Habits That Can Shorten Your Life Span:

  • Excess Sugar

    Sugar is the main ingredient which has many flaws to harm our body. Most of the diseases like headache, obesity, diabetes are caused due to cravings for more sugar. It is also proven that sugar accelerates your aging.

  • Insulin Resistant Ingredients

    Yes, this includes sugar-laden foods and drinks. Insulin is the main driver of the aging process, and can also negatively impact numerous physiological functions.

    The fact is, Insulin resistance can suppress the normal functioning of vital organs those that sustain life.

  • Alcohol

    It is known fact to everyone that alcohol consumption is injurious to health. It can damage liver and brain function. Liver Cirrhosis is the leading cause of death from long-term alcohol abuse.

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