How to Avoid Miscarriage in Early Pregnancy

Miscarriage is the loss of the embryo before the 20th week of pregnancy. Nearly 15% of all pregnancies end in miscarriage. 90% of pregnant women get into a traumatized state once the miscarriage happens. Even though it is unintentional, a sense of guilt develops that pushes the miscarriage women into a deep state of depression and mental issues. To avoid such a scenario, one has to detect the early signs of miscarriage and know the way to prevent the miscarriage from happening. The reasons for miscarriage can be multiple and may not be in your hand and therefore, it is important to know the remedies once the early signs of miscarriage are detected.
Miscarriage during pregnancy

Reasons For Miscarriage:

There are various reasons why miscarriage can happen. It is most likely to offer within the first 13 weeks of pregnancy.

Reasons for miscarriage

  • It can be due to the chromosomal abnormality that can lead to a damaged sperm or egg cell.
  • It may be due to something going wrong during the division process of the zygote.
  • It is more likely to be due to hormonal issues and infections caused by maternal health issues.
  • The lifestyle of the mother can widely influence miscarriage like smoking, drinking alcohol and caffeine, taking drugs, malnutrition, exposure to harmful radiation and likewise.

Early Signs Of Miscarriage

There could be various signs of miscarriage that you have to detect early to prevent the miscarriage. Apart from the following signs, there could be many more and that is why you need to see a doctor regularly.

  • Severe back pain out of nowhere.
  • Severe cramps which are worse than normal menstrual cycle-related ones.
  • Sudden weight loss.
  • Passing tissue in the form of clot-like material from vagina.
  • Passing white-pinkish mucus.
  • Sudden disappearance of the signs of pregnancy like vomiting and nausea.


how to avoid miscarriage

Eat A Healthy Diet – It is very important to regulate your diet considerably when you are pregnant. The first thing you should do is visit a dietician and plan your diet according to the weeks of pregnancy. You cannot have the same type of diet in every week of pregnancy. Having unhealthy food increases the chances of miscarriage whereas having fresh fruits and veggies can reduce the chances of miscarriage.

Manage Your Stress and Mental State – It is not only your physical health but also your mental state that influence your zygote. Stress and mental agitation can increase the chances of miscarriage. Therefore, it is highly important to stay away from them and manage your mental state so that you can keep a constant and calm mental state all the time.
Exercise Moderately – Lack of light exercises that give rise to complications toy our pregnancy state. Light exercise lets blood and nutrients flow to the zygote steadily. Lack of body movement can make the flow too slow and miscarriage is a possibility. Therefore, go to a doctor and learn the exercise you should do but you need to avoid heavy exercises that you do in the gym.

Avoid Certain Food And Habits:

You should stop smoking and drinking. You should also limit or stop taking too much caffeine. Furthermore, you should avoid fast food and eat only home-made food especially those that are not going to cause indigestion and gas.

Visit a doctor regularly – To make sure that everything is fine because even if you take all the precautions, things can still go wrong inside. Furthermore, if you are taking some medicines, you have to make sure that it is not having any side effect on the zygote.
Furthermore, keep your abdomen safe and avoid getting exposed to X-ray, radiation, or infectious diseases.


Increase Vitamin C Intake – Drink orange or lemon juice on the empty stomach is one of the easiest remedies for miscarriage. You can also drink pineapple juice and none of these are going to cause any side effect. It enhances the strength of the lining of your uterus.

Boost Progesterone Level – It is a pregnancy hormone whose deficiency can cause miscarriage. To keep it at an optimal level, you have to take food rich in magnesium and vitamin B6 like seeds, nuts, dark green leafy vegetables and egg yolk.

Foods To Prevent Miscarriage

Remedies to avoid miscarriage

You should take anti-inflammatory foods like vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds, antioxidant foods like bright colored fruit and vegetables such as berries, green leafy veggies, tomatoes, carrots and good fats like finish, avocado, and olive oil all of which reduce the chances of miscarriage.

Herbs To Prevent Miscarriage – Chaste tree boosts the progesterone level, Rehmannia reduces inflammation, Cramp bark reduces uterine spasm, and Black haw is being used for hundreds of years to prevent miscarriage.
But it is always better to prevent than to cure. Take all the points into considerations when you are pregnant and visit a doctor regularly without any negligence.

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