Home Remedies for Cough

The nauseating aftertaste and the sudden pain from a cough are condemned by all. The common cold often ignored and labeled silly, is a terrible thing to endure. When it hits, your nostrils shut themselves, throat begins to ache, the head begins to pain and coughs begin to emerge. The horrible experience is rather short, but it always feels as though it takes a lifetime to pass.

Here are a few ways to keep your coughing in check.

  • Honey Tea

Honey TeaMix 2 teaspoons of Honey with warm water or herbal tea. It is believed that honey relieves coughs. Also, use dark honey for the best results.

  • Ginger

GingerUse 20-30 grams of ginger slices. Put them in a hot cup of water to make ginger tea. Add some honey or lemon juice to help with the taste. Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties and relieves nausea and pain.

  • Steam

SteamFill a large bowl with extremely hot water and add some eucalyptus or rosemary oils. Take a towel and put it over both your head and the bowl, hence trapping the steam. Inhale for 5 minutes.

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