Benefits Of Hot Oil Treatment For Your Hair

A good head massage never hurt anyone but what could be better than a hair massage? A hot oil treatment for your hair!! An easy to do, beautiful to feel treatment for your hair that can be done at home itself and will definitely leave you admiring your hair for the rest of the month.

How does hot oil treatment work for your hair?

Wonder why we recommend it to you?

  • It replenishes your damaged hair with protein and vitamins throughout the treatment.
  • Your hair starts breathing again; it gives it a lush look and provides your hair with the food it requires.
  • Not only does this pamper your locks but it gives your roots an extra moisturized feeling.
  • It helps in hair growth because of hot oil treatment’s first targets the root by stimulating the blood flow when you massage it continuously with the right pressure on different parts of your skull.
  • It has other benefits too like it tames the frizziness, helps get rid of dandruff and provides enough moisture to your dry scalp.
  • This can be helpful even when you’re into styling your hair too often which causes damage to your already dull hair.

What do you require for hot oil treatment?

Some of the things you may find them at your home and the rest of ingredients are easily available in the market. It is mainly the ‘Oils’ that you might want specifically go and buy.
You may need:
For heavier and intense oiling (requires two washes)

  • Organic Coconut oil
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Vitamin E in liquid form

For lighter and regular oiling (requires one wash)

  • Jojoba Oil
  • Avocado Oil

You might want to add Argan oil to the list because it works like hair serum and you can apply it your hair after drying them for a smoothening effect as it is very lightweight and nongreasy.

  • Two utensils to boil the water
  • One bowl to warm the oil blends you will be using.
  • One hair towel
  • One shower cap
  • Mild, Paraben and Sulphate free shampoo (as these synthetic ingredients deplete the scalp of its natural oils and make it itchy)

Step by Step Process:

1. Make the Blend

Add your choice of oils as mentioned above to a small bowl. Do not use too much oil; select the amount according to the length of your hair. Add water to one of the big utensils and heat it till it’s hot but you don’t want to burn your head so it should just be a little warmer than the ‘Luke warm’ state. After this, you can place the bowl of oil blends inside the big utensil in such a way that it double boils your oil blend and doesn’t spill while floating. You can touch and feel the oil if it has warmed enough and then take it out of the utensil and voila its ready to be used.

2.  Massage it well

Use your fingertips dipped into the bowl and then slowly run them through your scalp, gradually working on your roots and then moving towards your hair lengths. Do this for about 10-15 minutes focusing on the areas that relax you more and slowly adding medium pressure where and when required.  You could play soft and spiritual music in the background to get yourself in the lift up your spirit. Having chocolate or something subtle but not very sweet during this period could totally give you a spa feeling.

3. Mask it

You can now tie your hair in a bun and cover your hair with a shower cap and continue with the preparation of the next step. Heat water in another utensil till it starts giving out steam. Dip the towel in it and let it soak in all the heat. Carefully take it out and squeeze out all the water in the towel till there is nothing left and it feels wet and warm enough but not dripping with water. Now take your shower cap off and wrap your hair in this hot towel like they did it in their 40’s. Keep this for 30 -45 minutes. This makes your hair damp enough and lets the oils reach the follicles of your hair even better. You might think how that is possible since water and oil repel each other in their natural state but our hair has a different structure and this does wonder on our hair.

4. Managing with a mild shampoo

So when you go for the wash, opt for a mild shampoo so that it doesn’t drain your hair of the goodness you just added to it. Paraben and sulfate free shampoos are available in the market they have natural ingredients like different herbs that help your hair look alive. After the wash, if you want to dry your hair you could use your hair drier on a cool setting or let them dry on their own. If you wish to dry and frizzy hair, Argan oil will do its magic. Just take a few drops of it and rub it into your palm so it warms up and then spread it across your hair ends and experience its benefits in a few days.

How often do you need to try it?

You could do this once a month if you have normal hair, but if suffer from dry, dull and scalp issues try doing this twice a week for better results. Make sure you have washed your hair that morning and that you have a clean scalp before you start with this treatment.
Let us know how this hot oil treatment has enriched your hair care routine and has given your hair a soul with time and your precious attention.

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